The Bear of the Highland

27 Jun 2020  Sat

ElezIsufiNdreu was a prominent nationalist figure of Albania. He is also known as a guerrilla fighter. He was lovingly named by his people ‘The Bear of the Highland’.

He and his guerrilla band resisted Serb forces in 1912. He and his friend named BajramCurri led an uprising in Dibrato free the region from Serb forces. The guerrilla fight began on 15th August 1921 and lasted till December 1921. He actively participated in the uprising against the president of Albania, Ahmet Zogu. The revolutionaries withdrew themselves only after the intervention of British diplomat Harry Eyres.

They were first given a death sentence by the military court and later received amnesty. Later, he developed trust in Fan Noli during the Democratic revolution. But unfortunately, he was killed by Yugoslav troops at the end of 1924 during the insurgence for overthrowing Noli’s government.

He will be always staying in the heart of Albanian people and the world for his noble deeds. Albania commemorated his work by issuing a stamp on his 90th death anniversary.

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