Protect the Endangered Earth!

20 Jun 2020  Sat

The health of the ecosystem is maintained by its plants and animals. When some species become endangered then it is a sign of an imbalanced ecosystem. And hence, it becomes a human’s prime duty to look after its protection.

A well-balanced ecosystem is important for all living beings as it purifies the environment gives clean air, healthy water system which helps to support diverse marine life.

There are many endangered species around the world. Many NGOs, governments, local communities, and individuals are working to restore the losses. Here are some measures to accomplish the mission of protecting endangered earth:

1. Use manure instead of herbicides and pesticides

2. Educate new generation, family and friends about endangered species through workshops

3. Recycle everything

4. Plant trees in your area and allow bird nesting on them

5. Reduce water consumption

6. Prohibit plastic products

7. Create awareness about wildlife protection

Cook island, Aitutaki which is north of Rarotonga issued a stamp in order to create awareness about endangered species.

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