Copper Alloy Coin of Mahendravarma I

20 Jun 2020  Sat

Though South Indian dynasties did not come in much contact with the North Indian dynasties, they had a very stronghold in the Southern region.

The Pallavas were one of the strongest dynasties in the South. They were great builders of Monuments which is seen in Mahabalipuram: the seashore temple and the five rathas. This reflection is not seen on their coins. They issued coins that had very limited symbols.

Pallava coinage shows symbols like the bull which is often combined with other symbols like the swastika, srivatsa, the sacred lamp, Kumbha, chakra, trisula, and the ship and horse. The Bull and Lion are again seen on the Pallava monuments which show that these two symbols were very important to them.

The Alloyed Copper coin shown above is attributed to Mahendravarman I who ruled between 580 and 630 AD. The Obverse of the coin depicts Bull standing to right with legend “Sakalabhajana” above. The Reverse depicts a large Chakra with a scalloped border.

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