Bank of Israel Issues Coins Honoring 60th Anniversary of Yad Vashem

19 Jun 2020  Fri

Museums serving as reminders of the Holocaust are found in many parts of the western world, but there is just one, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is the pioneer of Holocaust Museums world-wide. Established in 1953, the Museum has dedicated itself to recovering the names and identities of every Jewish person who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

In the year 2013, a set of three coins were launched to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the establishment. The set of three anniversary Coins mark not only the 60th Anniversary of the Yad Vashem but also the 65th anniversary of the Israeli State. Its design is a poignant reminder of the past horrors of the Holocaust, while at the same time, a firm expression of the continuity and rebirth of the Jewish people in the modern State of Israel.

Designed by Yossi Lemel and produced by the Israeli Coins and Medals Corporation – ICMC, the designs are all uniform to the three coins. The Coins were issued with the denominations of 1 Sheqel, 2 Sheqel, and 10 Sheqel in Silver, Silver, and Gold respectively.

The obverse depicts a striped shirt with a Star of David, resembling the garment used for concentration camp internees. A Star of David in the background symbolizes “The People of Israel Lives on”. The reverse design features the Israeli State Emblem, and the text “Israel” in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, is included along the rim. The Mint Year and Mint Mark “mem” are placed just below the coin’s denomination.

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