Flora and Fauna showcased on Haypost

18 Jun 2020  Thu

A collectors attention-grabbing stamps were issued dedicated to ‘Flora and Fauna’ of the ancient world. The item with a nominal of 230 drams depicts ‘Basilosaurus’ and the postage stamp with a nominal of 280 drams depicts ‘diplodocus’ issued by David Dovlatyan. Basilosaurus is depicted on the first stamp; it is an ancient animal with a stretched-out body of 15 meters in length. The second stamp depicts a long dinosaur- Diplodocus. It was a long-necked whip-tailed giant, measuring about 90 feet long 26-foot long neck. The basilosaurus in lumbar and caudal vertebrae was extremely elongated. Diplodocus also has a long tail but its head was less than 2 feet long, it is among the longest land animals ever. To know more about stamps Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

Image Courtesy: rarestampsvalue

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