Belize Stamp Honours Mexican History

17 Jun 2020  Wed

In the year 1986, Belize Post issued a very remarkable stamp honoring Mexican History. The Occasion was the 13th World Football Cup. Also known as the FIFA World Cup, the World Football Cup of 1986 was held in Mexico Country between 31 May and 29 June.

Mexico was selected as the new host in May 1983, thus becoming the first country to host the World Cup more than once. This was the third FIFA World Cup tournament in succession that was hosted by a Spanish-speaking country and after Argentina 1978, and Spain 1982, and the second in Mexico.

Belize: a Caribbean country located on the northwest border of Mexico issued a 3 Dollar Stamp to honor Country’s role as a Host and History. The Stamp depicts Aztec Sun Stone on suggestive sky blue background with the logo of the World Cup on right with the denomination above and the name of the country below.

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