Tiny Gold Pagoda of The Shilaharas of Kolhapur

12 Jun 2020  Fri

The Shilahara Dynasty was a royal clan that established itself in northern and southern Konkan, present-day Mumbai, and southern Maharashtra during the Rashtrakuta period.

They were split into three branches; one branch ruled North Konkan, the second South Konkan (between 765 and 1029), while the third ruled what is now known as modern districts of Satara, Kolhapur and Belgaum between 940 and 1215 after which they were taken over by the Chalukya.

The Shilaharas of Kolhapur primarily issued tiny gold coins (1/4 Oagodas) the coins mainly depicted a Trisula or Garuda. Besides, silver coins are issued by the dynasty. The coins, however, are not inscribed. Hence, the attribution is a challenging job.

The coin shown above is ¼ Gold Pagoda of the Shilaharas of Kolhapur. The coin depicts an ornamented Trident on the reverse with a sun and a moon between the forks. The reverse in either plain of depicts a huge globus.

Image courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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