Covid-19 Coin of China

11 Jun 2020  Thu

The World is on the threshold of a measure hazard. After two major wars and the on-going ecological crisis, it is now standing amidst a battlefield. The enemy, this time, is not an atom bomb but is more micro. The infectious agents or viruses!

Soon after the World Health Organization designated the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the world is fighting this new enemy on many levels. This fight has been taken on by the philatelic societies of many countries. After the issuance many stamps this is time for the numismatics contribution.

China has issued a new 10 yuan coin as a contribution to the fight against Corona. A 10-yuan one-ounce Fine silver coin features what it calls a “wonderful colouration” and a glow-in-the-dark effect. This Silver coin is dedicated to the defeat of the Corona Virus. The coin has beautiful colouring, has an interesting design.

The reverse of the coin depicts the wish for the science's victory against the unstoppable Coronavirus. The coin has a beautiful colouration with a gun connected to a microscope that symbolically destroys the virus in a thousand pieces. All around the reverse the inscriptions: “GOODBYE!" and "COVID-19" - as a farewell message. The obverse of the coin features the temple of the famous Forbidden City and the Chinese inscriptions, the issuing country and “2020” – the year of issue.

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