Brazilian Navy Commemoration Day

11 Jun 2020  Thu

Brazilian Navy Commemoration Day (Data Magna da Marinha do Brasil) is observed on June 11. It marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Riachuelo that was fought on June 11, 1865. The battle was a key point in the Paraguayan War.

The Paraguayan War was fought from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance of Uruguay, the Empire of Brazil, and Argentina. By the end of 1864, Paraguay had scored several victories. However, decisive Brazilian victory in the Battle of the Riachuelo began to turn the tide in favor of the Triple Alliance. Eventually, Paraguay lost the war.

The Battle of the Riachuelo was one of the most impressive and important victories of the naval service branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces. No wonder its anniversary was declared as the commemorative day of the Brazilian Navy. The day is observed across the country with military displays and other relevant events and activities.

The stamp shown above is a 0.50 Brazilian real stamp commemorating Brazilian Navy. The stamp was issued in the year 2004 to commemorate the contributing of Navy in World War II. The stamp features a battle ship in the background along with Navy Seal at the bottom left and the medals on the top right.

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