Accumulate Your Collection in Appropriate Accessories

08 Jun 2020  Mon

We are sure that you must be inheriting extensive stamps collection. And you must be unsure how to keep it in the best possible way to avoid damage and can remain for ages. The most significant things advised by the philatelists that how to care for a stamp collection. Firstly, not to touch it with bare hands as it might contain oil, sweat, grease or dirt. In order to avoid such kind of damages, always use stamp tongs and not tweezers. Such tongs have special smooth jaws that prevent tearing, but at the same time, they are thin enough to pick up a stamp with ease. The damage from long-term exposure to sunlight can have on upholstery, paintings and other printed or dyed materials.

So, it is advisable by the expert to exhibit your stamps collection with the help of Lighthouse Plastic Pockets GRANDE with 4 Horizontal Stripes - Black.

Pockets with welded transparent strips protect your collectibles. This is 100% without acid plasticizer and loadable on one side. Documents can be well-inserted on both sides. The pack contain 5 sheets. Each sheet is divided into 3 parts. The dimension of the sheet is 242 x 312 mm.

Disclaimer: We will deliver your order as soon as our system resume. Due to the lock-down deliveries may be restrained for a certain period. We appreciate your patience!

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