Dome of the Rock on Abu Dhabi Stamp

06 Jun 2020  Sat

Dome of the Rock is an Islamic temple situated in the Old City of Jerusalem. The basic structure of the building is octagonal. The octagonal structure may have been influenced by the Byzantine Church architecture. During the Ottoman Empire, the appearance of the Dome has been significantly changed. Around 1959-61, the roof of the dome is with plated gold.

As per to popular belief of Abrahamic religions, the foundation stone of the temple is the place from where God has created the world and the first human, Adam.

UNESCO has recognized this place as a World Heritage site. The interior of the dome is lavishly decorated with mosaic, faience, and marble. The inscriptions in Kufic scripts are placed around the Dome which states that the construction of the Dome was completed in 691/2 CE.

On 3rd June 1972, Abu Dhabi has issued a stamp of Dome of the Rock- Jerusalem.

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