Vat Purnima: Story and Significance

05 Jun 2020  Fri

Vat Purnima or Vat Savitri Vrat is a an auspicious Day in Hindu Calendar that falls on the Full Moon Day of the third Hindu Month of Jyeshtha. It is a traditional festival celebrated by married women.

Savitri, the daughter of King Asvapati, married Satyavan who was cursed to die a year after his marriage. As one year of his marriage completed, Satyavan felt weak and died in the lap of his wife. Savitri did not accept this and rebelled to the God of death, Yamaraj. She went behind Yamaraj and pleaded to him to not take her husband away.

Impressed by the dedication of Savitri, Yama granted her three boons, but kept a condition in front of her "you'll not ask for the life of Satyavan". Then, Savitri wittily asked for 100 children of her and Satyavan. Surprised by her devotion Yamaraj granted her another boon and this time he didn't keep any conditions and therefore Savitri asked for the life of her

husband. Significance:
The festival celebrates Savitri’s loyalty and dedication for her husband and the women observing the fast hope to achieve similar qualities and wish for a better and longer life for their husbands.

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