Hungary Mint Commemorates Local Dog Breed

05 Jun 2020  Fri

Hungary issued a special commemorating coin in the year 2019 celebrating the vizsla – a dog breed native to the nation. The vizsla is a breed of dog native to Hungary. It’s also the subject of the first coin in a new series from the National Bank of Hungary and the Hungarian Mint. The first written reference to the vizsla as a dog breed is said to have been recorded in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared on order of King Louis I of Hungary in the 14th century. Today, the breed is more than just a Hungarian national symbol. Vizslas are treasured dogs both in the show ring and in the hunting field. This breed is not only an avid hunter but also an adorable and faithful companion. The vizsla is the first subject in a new annual coin series, “Hungarian sheep and hunting dog breeds.” The vizsla is featured on both sides of this 2,000-forint coin (copper, nickel, and zinc), with a forward-facing head of the dog on the obverse and a pair of the animals standing in water on the reverse. Image Courtesy:

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