Denarius featuring the Didiuis Julianus

01 Jun 2020  Mon

Didius Julianus was the emperor of Rome only for a short period of two months from March to June 193, during the Year of the Five Emperors. Born on 30th January, 133, into the most prominent families of Mediolanum, Didius Severus Julianus had a long and distinguished public career.

After the murder of Pertinax on March 28, 193, the Praetorian Guard announced that the throne was to be sold to the man who would pay the highest price. Didius Julianus, a wealthy Roman senator became emperor (March 28–June 1, 193) by being the highest bidder in an auction for the support of the Praetorian Guard.

Didius Julianus did not have a successful career. As emperor, Didius Julianus was unable to pass any major policy reforms in his short reign other than currency devaluation. Julianus repelled invasions by the Chatti and the Chauci, both of which helped protect Rome's border provinces. Eventually, the Senate revoked the imperial power and proclaimed Severus the emperor.

The above shown Denarius coin of Didiuis Julianus was issued from Rome mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the laureate head of Julianus facing right. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin engraved Fortuna standing left, holding in right-hand tiller set on the globe and cornucopia cradled in the left arm.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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