Gold Sultani of Ottoman Sultan Selim II

28 May 2020  Thu

Selim II was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1566 until his death in 1574. His reign saw peace in Europe and Asia and the rise of the Ottomans to dominance in the Mediterranean but marked the beginning of the decline in the power of the sultans. He was unable to impose his authority over the Janissaries and was overruled by the women of his harem.

He was born on May 28, 1524, to Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Hurrem Sultan. Symbol of the Ottoman Empire, Selimiye mosque was built by the order of Sultan Selim II between 1569 and 1575 years at the center of the city, Edirne. It is considered to be the masterwork of the great Ottoman architect Sinan. The mosque lies at the summit of rising ground and dominates the city’s skyline.

After his death, his son, Murad III, became the next Ottoman sultan. Depicted here is a gold Sultani issued under his reign from Misr (Egypt). The obverse of a coin depicts ‘Sultan Selim Bin Sulayman Khan’. While the reverse of a coin engraved ‘Az Nasrah Zarb Misr’.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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