Galerius appointed as Caesar

21 May 2020  Thu

Galerius was the Roman emperor from 305 to 311, notorious for his persecution of Christians. He was born of humble parentage and had a distinguished military career. On May 21, 293, he was nominated as caesar by the emperor Diocletian, who governed the Eastern part of the empire.

During his reign he campaigned, aided by Diocletian, against the Sassanid Empire, sacking their capital Ctesiphon in 299. He also campaigned across the Danube against the Carpi, defeating them in 297 and 300. Although he was a staunch opponent of Christianity, Galerius ended the Diocletianic Persecution when he issued an Edict of Toleration in Serdica in 311.

The above shown Argenteus was issued under his reign from Serdica. The obverse of a coin depicts the laureate head of Galerius. The reverse features city wall with three turrets or beacons, gate open.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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