Greenland Commemorates a Philatelic Connection to the US

19 May 2020  Tue

A new souvenir sheet from Greenland commemorates a philatelic connection to the United States. Issued May 5, the sheet marks the 75th anniversary of a set of stamps called the American issue because it was printed in the United States by the American Bank Note Co.

As Greenland was a Danish colony, the stamps were printed in Denmark. On April 1, 1940, Denmark was occupied by Germany, and most ties, including postal matters, with its remote colony, were cut. A year later, a treaty was signed allowing the United States to protect Greenland. Greenland also received much of its supplies from the United States.

The 1945 stamps, which range in denomination from 1 ore to 5 kroner, show six different designs: a harp seal, Denmark’s King Christian X on horseback, a dog team, a polar bear, a man in a kayak, and an eider duck. The new denominations are 11kr, 16kr, and 18kr. Image Courtesy:

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