Shah of Iran- Tahmasp I died today

14 May 2020  Thu

Tahmasp I was the second and one of the most powerful Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. He came to the throne aged ten in 1524 and ruled till 1576 AD.

Tahmasp was born on 22nd February 1514 to Ismail I, the founder of the Safavid dynasty. He is known for the asylum he gave to the fugitive Mughal Emperor Humayun as well as Suleiman the son Bayezid, which is depicted in a painting on the walls of the Safavid palace of Chehel Sutton.

During the reign, he issued gold and silver coins in the denomination of Shahi, Ashrafi, and Mithqal. These coins were struck at Baghdad, Herat, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qazvin, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, Qandahar, Qumm, Jafarabad, etc.

Here is an image of silver 2 Shahi coin issued under his reign from Yazd mint. The obverse of a coin depicts inscription Shah Tahmasp I couplet, Mint, and date below. While reverse of the coin engraved Shia Kalima and names of 12 imams around.

Tahmasp died on 14th May 1576. On his death, as expected, fighting broke out between the different court factions.

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