Datia’s Red Cross Stamps

08 May 2020  Fri

Shown above are the Red Cross stamps issued by Lokendra Sir Govind Singh Ju Dev Bahadur – the Maharaj of Datia Princely State between 1937 – 1945.

Datia or Duttia was a princely state in formerly Central India (Bundelkhand) agency. It was second highest in the rank of all the Bundela states after Orchha, with a 17-gun salute, and its Maharajas bore the hereditary title of Second of the Princes of Bundelkhand. During WWII, Datia was ruled by Hon. Lt. Col. HH Maharaja Lokendra Sir Govind Singh Ju Dev Bahadur.

The Maharaja was Vice President of the St John Ambulance Association and Patron of the Red Cross Society. Perhaps, the closeness of Maharaja to the Red Cross and St John Ambulance association suggests why Datia issued Red Cross stamps. Shown above are The Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely State of Datia.

Most of these were hand-printed on wove paper. The denomination was of 1 anna with Datia State printed in oval shape and Maharaja's photo in the centre.

Image Courtesy: http://stampomania.blogspot.com/

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