Tipu Sultan’s Gold Pagoda

06 May 2020  Wed

Tipu Sultan aka the Tiger of Mysore is known in history as the Saviour of Deccan. Similarly, Tipu Sultan’s innovation is also seen on his coins which show a greater variety and very distinctive features.

Tipu Sultan issued fascinating varieties of coins that are unique in numismatic history of India. He reformed the coinage system and invented special names for coins having different denominations, mints as well as to the dating system.

Tipu Sultan issued a large variety of coins in Gold, Silver, and copper. The gold and silver coins are especially known for their decorative legends in Arabic scripts. In the initial years of his reign, the coins bear Hijri Date. The coins issued during the later years of his reign depict a new calendar system i.e. Mauludi Era.

The Gold Pagoda shown above was issued in the year 1198/2 of Mauladi Era from Nagar Mint. The Coin features the complete mint name, RY, and Persian letter He on the reverse. This coin was sold for Rs. 28,000 in the electronic auction held on 3rd May 2020.

Image Courtesy: toduwallaauctions

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