Fight with Covid-19 with Isle of Man Stamps

06 May 2020  Wed

The new philatelic issue from the Isle of Man Post is presented on the underlying themes of strength, fortitude, and love during a global crisis, celebrating the people making such a contribution to our lives; Health workers, key staff, carers, volunteers, our community and the scientists and educators who will develop vaccines and educate our children.

Similarly, we wish to celebrate the kind-heartedness and compassion during these difficult times it is important to acknowledge these acts of kindness and care. This issue is very much community based and driven; however, these morals can be applied to all nations across the world.

The stamps proudly display the three legs of Man, it's meaning: “Whithersoever way you throw us, we will stand”. This motto summarises the Manx spirit and the determination of our people to fight on through this crisis.

The #CarryUsThrough stamps were created by Glazier Design, who created our RAF, 2001, Stephen Hawking, and Moonlanding stamps. They understand the spirit, strength, fortitude, and compassion of the Manx people and have sought to celebrate what is best about us in times of crisis.

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