Fiji’s National Youth Day

04 May 2020  Mon

To commemorate the active contribution of the youth in nation-building, Fiji celebrates National Youth Day in March every year. The holiday is considered to be one of the most important dates in Fiji’s holiday calendar.

The National Youth Day is a highly-anticipated festivity in Fiji. Fiji’s population is young and it is this fact that led the government to create a date when the country could celebrate the many contributions of the youth in many aspects of Fijian society be it from socio-civic action, education, science, engineering, medicine, etc.

A parade is also a common event in the street. Also, mini-concerts and other for-youth-only activities are usually held in Sukuna Park. Schools usually form dance groups to entertain people in the stage set up in parks during the holiday especially in Suva, the country’s capital. The government also awards notable youths who have made valuable social contributions in the country.

The youth of the country has been portrayed in one of the banknotes of the country. Issued in the year 2011, the 2 Fijan Dollars banknote depicts the youth of the country along with a typical landscape of a village of Fiji in the background. The obverse, on the other hand, depicts the ‘Mark Lawrence’ portrait of Queen Elizabeth – II his portrait is a beautiful representation of the mature Queen. She is looking right at the user with a kind smile.

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