Satyajit Ray on the Stamps of Dominica

02 May 2020  Sat

Born on 2nd May 1921, Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, music composer, graphic artist, lyricist, and author, widely regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Ray directed 36 films, including feature films and documentaries.

He was also a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, calligrapher, music composer, graphic designer, and film critic. He authored several short stories and novels, meant primarily for young children and teenagers.

Ray’s first film, Pather Panchali (1955), won eleven international prizes, including the inaugural Best Human Document award at the Cannes Film Festival. Ray received many awards in his career, including 32 Indian National Film Awards, a Golden Lion, a Golden Bear, 2 Silver Bears, a number of additional awards at international film festivals and award ceremonies, and an Academy Honorary Award in 1992.

India issued a se-tenant commemorative stamp pair and a definitive stamp honoring this great filmmaker. Besides, the Commonwealth of Dominica also issued a set of two stamps honoring his work. In the year 2000, the Commonwealth of Dominica post issued two stamps with the denominations of 1.65 Dollars. The stamp features the portrait of Satyajit Ray on one stamp and a still shot from the movie called Mahanagar which received Silver Berlin Bear as the Best Director in 1964.

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