Canada’s 2016 Mother Earth Coin

22 Apr 2020  Wed

This World Earth Day, let’s get acquainted with the Royal Canadian Mint’s special coin honoring Mother Earth.

Every person, animal, and the plant is dependent upon Mother Earth and the water she provides. This dense sphere packed with oxygen, water, and minerals has given rise to many living organisms. From amoebas to dinosaurs and algae to giant banyan trees, the earth has made her habitual and nurtured millions of species.

The coin is designed by Canadian artist Alexandra Lefort and was issued in the year 2016. The 20 Canadian Dollars Coin features a domed, 3-D droplet with an inset image of the earth. The droplet conveys the importance of water to all life on this planet. The space around the water droplet brings the design’s focus on Canada, with its diverse fauna and flora.

The lower left section of the design represents the terrestrial environment with a red fox gazing at the water droplet. Above the fox is a red-headed woodpecker on a western flowering dogwood tree; an American kestrel is also depicted, representing the aerial environment. Below, an orca breaches over the waves with mountains in the background.

The obverse includes an effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II as designed by Susanna Blunt. The denomination, year of issue, and the issuing country are inscribed on the reverse. This coin is Australia’s first coin issued incorporating such technology.

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