Birth Anniversary of Paul Karrer

21 Apr 2020  Tue

A Swiss chemist, Paul Karrer who is best known for his research on vitamins, was born today on 21st April 1889. He investigated the constitution of carotenoids, flavins, and vitamins A and B2, for which he shared the 1937 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with Sir Norman Haworth of Great Britain.

Karrer was born in Moscow, Russia to Paul Karrer and Julie Lerch. In 1892 Karrer's family returned to Switzerland where he was educated at Wildegg and at the grammar school in Lenzburg, Aarau, where he matriculated. He studied chemistry at the University of Zurich under Alfred Werner and after gaining his Ph.D. In 1919 he became Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Chemical Institute.

Karrer published many papers and received many honours and awards, including the Nobel Prize in 1937. In 1997, he was honored on a stamp issued by the government of Switzerland.

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