Germany’s 1944 Semi-postal Set

20 Apr 2020  Mon

Germany has been and probably still is one of the most popular foreign countries with collectors in the United States. And there is a wide variety of areas to collect: forerunner kingdoms such as Prussia and Bavaria, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin, Saar, Danzig, Memel, plebiscite areas, German colonies, and East Germany.

The set of 13 semipostal stamps issued March 11, 1944, to commemorate Hero Memorial Day (Scott B257-269) appeals to both country and topical collectors, especially militaria and World War II collectors. This set provides a great deal of World War II history at a small price.

The stamps depict soldiers and weapons of war such as Paratroops, a submarine officer, a self-propelled gun, a sea raider, and railway artillery. The stamps are inscribed with the denomination value at the top left corner and the name of the country at the bottom.

The set is valued at USD 12 in mint never-hinged condition and USD 4.45 in unused hinged condition. Where else can you find that much WWII history and imagery for so little money?

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