Horseman type Silver Tanka of Ghiyas al-din Iwaz

20 Apr 2020  Mon

Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz was a ruler of Bengal Sultanate who ruled Bengal Sultanate for 2 times in Indian history. In the year 1208 CE, he assumed the throne and fell into a conflict with Khalji Maliks. He ruled this sultanate for 2 years till 1210 CE until he was dethroned by Ali Mardan Khalji.

n the year 1212 CE, after the death of Ali Mardan Khalji once gain Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz got a hold on Bengal Sultanate and at this time he ruled this sultanate for 15 years form 1212 CE till 1227 CE. In these 15 years of his reign, Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz tried to maintain peace in Bengal and carried out invasions into neighboring regions and made Vanga (Easter Bengal), Kamarupa (Assam), Tirhut (Northern Bihar) and Utkala (Northern Orissa) his tributary states.

During his reign, he issued an interesting silver coin. Known as the Horseman Type coin, this silver Tanka was issued weighing 10.8 gms which was exceeding the normal standard of coins and secondly he issued those coins in the name of Delhi Sultan Shams ud-din Iltutmish.

The coin depicts galloping horseman to left holding mace and Shahada in outer margin on the obverse. The reverse depicts Arabic legend citing the name and title of the Sultan. This coin was sold for INR 75,000 in April 2019 at Mumbai Auction.

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