Gold Dinar of Al Wali II

17 Apr 2020  Fri

Walid ibn Yazid or Walid II was an Umayyad Caliph reigning from 743 until his assassination on 17th April, 744. He succeeded his uncle, Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik.

As a young man, he was of artistic temperament and acquired a good education. He was a musician and surrounded himself with poets and opportunists. He fancied himself a great builder and wanted to eclipse the architectural achievements of his predecessors; he did in fact build the desert castle of Mshatta?. He was killed when rebellions broke out in Syria.

Depicted here is a gold Dinar of Al Walid II. The obverse of a coin depicts ‘la ilah illa / Allah wahdahu / la sherikh lahu’. The reverse of a coin engraved ‘Allah ahad Allah / al-Samad lam yalid wa / lam yulad’.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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