Independent Kingdom Cooch Behar Silver Rupee

16 Apr 2020  Thu

During the ancient period, the territory of Cooch Behar was known as Pragjyotisha, we can find the reference of Pragjyotisha in the Indian epic like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Later, the western part of Pragjyotisha came to be known as Kamarupa, which had remained under the suzerainty of the Guptas and Palas for some time.

During the medieval period, it was one of the most powerful kingdoms of India. The first dynasty that ruled this region was the Khen dynasty. After the Khen dynasty, the next dynasty who ruled this region was Koch Dynasty. The Koch Dynasty was the local tribe who proclaimed themselves as Kamateshwar (Lord of Kama).

The first ruler of the Koch Dynasty was Biswa Singha who ruled Cooch Behar from 1510 CE to 1530 CE. Biswa Singha was succeeded by his son Nara Narayan, who is also known with the name of Mallanarayan.

This silver rupee which weighs around 10.22g was issued by king Lakshmi Narayana during his rule in Cooch Behar.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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