Interesting Facts about Proof Coins

16 Apr 2020  Thu

The term “proof” may sound familiar to those acquainted with coins minted by sovereign governments as well as private mints. Proof coins are a bit different than brilliant uncirculated (BU) coins and rounds as they feature unique designs and will fetch a far higher premium compared to other coins. A lot goes into the making of proof coins and rounds which helps it stand out above other bullion.

Defining a proof: A proof coin has been intricately crafted and designed for collectors and investors. The features of such a coin will usually include a shiny appearance, compared to BU coins, in addition to a frosted design and a highly detailed finish. Proof coins are not made to be circulated, so they will likely not have normal wear like other coins made for that purpose. Proof coins are also described as having a “cameo” effect because of the frosting detail resulting from a highly technical manufacturing process.

Making a proof: The process in making proof silver rounds is quite complex, as technology and special handling play an important role. Blanks used for proof coins and rounds are hand polished with soft cloths with no exposure to bare skin. Next, each blank is manually fed into the press one at a time and are struck at least twice, sometimes more. The more a blank is struck, the more detailed it becomes in its design. These proofs may also contain serial numbers, be sold in special packaging and contain some form of certification of its authenticity, furthering its value and collectability.

Proof value: Proof coins are minted in limited quantities and, because of their unique manufacturing process, carry a higher premium than BU coins. Graded proofs will also carry a higher premium than graded coins because each coin is inspected to determine its condition in addition to the more meticulous minting process.

Proof coins are ideal investments for coin collectors and demonstrate superior quality and design features compared to more traditional coins. They continue to be in high demand and represent an attractive option for those looking for something a bit more unique than BU.

Image Courtesy: Rajgor Auctions

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