Steps to Build a Great Coin Collection

15 Apr 2020  Wed

Coin collecting is not an uncommon hobby! Millions coin collections are built in this world every year. However, only handful of them are constituted as “Great”. What factor takes them to the next level? Here are few factors that influence the collections:

Depth of coin collection refers to exclusivity rather than just having duplicates. Depth is about defining that a collection has something more than just one of everything. It may imply different things to different people. In short, the collection has to reach to one level higher than what it is right now.

This is perhaps the most obvious aspect that makes a great collection. Quality isn’t defined by high average grade, but is the hallmark of a well refined eye. So having a collection strong in the quality aspect is about a lot more than being able to afford quality, it requires both knowledge and appreciation.

Completeness of a coin collection is a subjective term and depends on the collector. A collector needs to set his own parameters such that you can not only complete a collection, but continue to build it even after such goals are met. The collection should not give a vibe that it’s missing something.

There are great collections in every field. Many aren’t famous, and a lot aren’t even all that valuable. The difference between building a great collection and one that will be forgotten in time has a lot to do with connoisseurship, vision, and taste.

Image Courtesy: gettyimages

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