Indian Stamps and Challenges Faced by Their Collectors

10 Apr 2020  Fri

First appeared in 1862, the Indian stamps have been printed in vast quantities. Up till recent years, Indians have been writing billions of letters and are probably the world’s biggest users of postal stationery. However, Indian stamps do not attract a fair number of collectors mainly because of these challenges they set up:

The first challenge facing any collector is determining the periods and divisions of India in which to specialize.
Prior to independence, India referred to the whole sub-continent which included a number of states ruled by local dynasties that were under the British Crown. There were over 500 such states in 1947, some of which issued their own stamps.

Not all the ‘sections’ in Indian philately are cataloged under ‘India’.
Indian stamps were not just issued in India but also in many countries with the dominion of the British Crown. They were issued in Aden, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait, Burma, Pakistan Somaliland, Zanzibar, Persia, and Iraq. All these stamps were overprinted for use in Straits Settlements which create a huge deal of confusion.

Indian stamps have great variety, and due to the rise in the Indian economy, they have potential. Both modern and old Indian stamps are waiting for a good collector especially a younger enthusiast as they tell the story of the country.

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