Swiss Post’s new Corona Stamp Will Raise Funds

10 Apr 2020  Fri

Swiss Post has issued a semi-postal stamp to aid people affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. The proceeds will go to people who need help now.

Switzerland is the fourth country to issue the stamp on the Corona Virus. Called COVID-19 Solidarity, the stamp is denominated 1 franc with a surtax of 5fr, expressed in centimes as “100+500” on the stamp. However, it is sold in a pane of 10 for 50fr, not 60fr.

Founded in 1946, Swiss Solidarity is a nonprofit charity that uses funds to support “humanitarian and social projects that meet the needs of those affected by disasters and humanitarian crises both in Switzerland and abroad,” according to its website.

Those 50 francs will go to people who are in urgent need of assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds will be split fifty-fifty between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross. Swiss Post is also covering the actual face value of the one-franc stamp. In other words: the purchaser donates 50 francs to Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross, and in return, Swiss Post gives them 10 stamps.

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