Empress Matilda became the first female ruler of England

07 Apr 2020  Tue

7th April is the day when in the year 1141, Empress Matilda became the first female ruler of England, adopting the title 'Lady of the English'.

Empress Matilda also referred to as Empress Maude was the consort of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V and afterward claimant to the English throne in the reign of King Stephen. She was born on February 7, 1102, to King Henry I and Matilda of Scotland at Berkshire, England. Through her father, Matilda was descended from the Norman conquerors of England, including her grandfather William I, Duke of Normandy and King of England, known as William the Conqueror.

She is best known in history for the civil war sparked by her fight against her cousin Stephen to win the throne of England for herself and her descendants.

Matilda issued two types of coins in her name during her time in England, which were used in the west of England and Wales. The first was initially minted in Oxford during her stay there, and the design was then adopted by her mints at Bristol, Cardiff, and Wareham after her victory at the Battle of Lincoln. A second design was minted at Bristol and Cardiff during the 1140s.

Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

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