China’s Se-tenant Stamp Pair Featuring Coronavirus

07 Apr 2020  Tue

The World is on the threshold of a measure hazard. After two major wars and the ongoing ecological crisis, it is now standing amidst a battlefield. The enemy, this time, is not an atom bomb but is more micro. The infectious agents or viruses!

Since the end of the 19th century, more than 350 new infectious diseases have appeared. Today the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), COVID-19, which affects all continents represents the most serious health crisis that France has known for a century. This mysterious virus has shut the entire world. Surrounded by a crown-shaped protein capsule, the virus causes mild influenza-like illness; which can be deadly contagious, causing acute pneumonia and can be fatal.

Countries like Iran, Vietnam, and China have issued commemorative stamps in order to create awareness among people and to express gratitude towards the emergency services for their help. This se-tenant pair of 120 yuan depicts a doctor clad in a protective suit on the right stamp and the other services on the left stamp. The stamp beautiful depicts the contrasting color scheme of blue and white. Image Courtesy:

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