American Innovation One Dollar Georgia

07 Apr 2020  Tue

The United States of America had issued this commemorative one dollar coin which represents Georgia honors the Trustees’ Garden in the year 2019. This garden was established by James Oglethorpe in the early 1730s.

In the year 1732 he General James Edward Oglethorpe founded Georgia Trust, this trust had served as a corporate body that governed the colony from 1732 until 1752. Later, in the year 1734, he founded a Trustee Garden in Savannah.

The trustee garden is dedicated to botany and agriculture, the garden also reflects the scientific and commercial aspirations of the trustees and their backers in England. This garden was to be modeled after the botanical gardens and other gardens at Oxford and Chelsea in England.

The obverse side of this garden depicts a dramatic representation of the Statue of Liberty in profile. The reverse side of this garden depicts a hand planting a seed and the inscription ‘Trustee Garden’. It also represents a variety of plants grown in the garden: an orange tree seedling, sassafras, grapes, white mulberry, flax, peaches, olive, and a young shoot too small to be identified.

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