Coin Collecting: Fun or Business?

03 Apr 2020  Fri

Coin collecting is the ideal hobby for those who enjoy studying coins, assembling sets of coins, and searching for rare or unusual coins. Coin collectors have different horizons to embark on this journey which includes building a collection from the circulated coins till the coins are found very scarcely.

Once called the hobby of kings, the coin collecting does not cater to the selective group of the society anymore. This hobby of collecting money has been in society since forever. Broadly speaking coin collecting adheres to two basic motivations. A) Hobby and b) Money! There’s a group of people who strictly collect coins in terms of fun or for the purpose of studying. On the other hand, there are many people who collect coins for the sole purpose of making money.

Coin collecting is a serious business when you collecting keeping a certain goal (here money) in mind. Many collectors who treat coins as a business believe in Quality Not Quantity. High-quality coins will become harder to find and, consequently, more expensive. They are more of the specialist buyer that the generalist buyer. But coins don’t always go up in value.

It does not mean that earning more of it has to be the only reason you collect coins. Collecting coins primarily for sheer enjoyment gives a sense of satisfaction. Isn’t it even better if you enjoy the coins in your collection? There’s also the thrill of the hunt in finding certain rare or obscure coins.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited. And, if you’re lucky, you might even make a few bucks in pursuing the hobby you love, too!

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