Collecting Coins on a Budget

02 Apr 2020  Thu

A public misapprehension surrounding coin collecting is that it’s an expensive hobby. Shows on antique fairs or pawn shops often depict scarce and posh coins bought or sold for an exorbitant price, but that is not the norm. Here are a few guidelines which will help you enter the field of coin collecting:

1. Set a budget: Set aside a particular amount you are willing to spend on your new hobby. Also, consider how much are you willing to spend on storing and securing your collection. Setting aside financial parameters is a great way to start a coin collection.

2. Start with the change in your pocket: It is not necessary to buy popular or expensive coins from dealers to start a collection. You can start by just keeping commemorative coins you may find in change. Ransack your wardrobe or piggy bank to find old coins.

3. Invest in basic gear: We cannot emphasize this enough- the value of a coin does not only depend on how old the coin is, but it also depends majorly on its condition. Keep this little tip in your mind while collecting. Investing in a basic coin collection album helps in the long run.

4. Research: Familiarize yourself with catalogs and online genuine websites which may help in giving you news on the numismatics world. Talk to local dealers and ask them for advice.

However you get acquitted with the coin collecting community, the most imperative thing to kick off your coin collection is to purchase from reputable sources such as

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