How to Keep Track of Your Collection?

02 Apr 2020  Thu

When you started your collection, you were acutely aware of every detail of your coin, stamp or banknote in your collection. However, as your collection grew, you may have lost track of precisely what you have, what condition it is in, and what gaps exist in your collection.

For instance are you aware which British-India King George V coins you have? What years are missing? How much did you pay for them and how much are they worth today? There is a dozen way to keep track of your collection but according to us, it’s as simple as maintaining a checklist.

Go old school and purchase a notebook and a pen. Or if you feel that’s too much effort, maintain an excel file on your computer. Include columns like the place of purchase, date of sale, professional-grade, mintmark, type, year, country/dynasty, total quantity owned, etc.

To make things easier buy coin holders which include space for writing detailed description. Simply place your coin onto the clear window, fold the holder in half and seal with staples or tape. It’s that easy. If you don’t keep track of your collection, you may have no way of knowing its value. In the event of a theft or damage, you’ll be unable to replace the coins. Hence start making that checklist today.

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