Bid online for coins during Lockdown

01 Apr 2020  Wed

Last Sunday on 29th March 2020, Todywalla conducted an electronic auction for all the coin lovers and collectors. In this troubled time, one of the best options is to bid for your favorite coins online. The electronic auction number 12 provided distinguish specimen in its lot, most of the specimens were silver and gold coins.

The lot consists of specimens from the Indian coin collection connecting to the period of British Indian, ancient India and medieval Period. There also foreign coins from Greece and the Roman empire. One of the highlights of the electronic auction was the gold half Pagoda of King Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagar. It was a beautiful coin depicting Bal Krishna with headdress while flanked by conch shell and chakra on both sides.

The reverse of this coin features legend in Devanagri ‘Sri Pratapa Krishna Raya’. According to the auction house, it’s an about extremely fine specimen.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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