Season of spring celebrated by Hong Kong Post

01 Apr 2020  Wed

A Set of Six stamps is issued by the Hong Kong post in ’24 Solar terms-Spring’ series that presents the aura of the six solar terms of spring called ‘ Spring Commences’, ‘Spring Showers, ‘Insects Waken’, ‘Vernal Equinox, ‘Bright and Clear’ and ‘Corn rain’. According to the postal service, these stamps are the first-ever semi-circular stamps released on the occasion to celebrate the Spring season.

Each stamp depicts one of the 24 solar terms mentioned in the Chinese calendar. Along with illustration of each step of Spring these stamps also include the start of spring on the 4th February and Spring Showers on February 19th. It also includes the awakening of Insect on 5th March, the Vernal Equinox on March 20th and clear and Bright period that starts from 4th April and at the end corn rain- the first sprout of the early crop that starts on 19th April.

These entire sets of six stamps are joined together in a pair which created a circle of a single stamp. Hence, a perfect circle of three stamps is created with these six semi-circle stamps. Every stamp features a single color filter elaborating the mood of the spring season perfectly.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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