The 1914 Note of Cyprus

01 Apr 2020  Wed

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean located south of Turkey. As a strategic location in the Middle East, it was subsequently occupied by several major powers. Cyprus was placed under the UK's administration based on the Cyprus Convention in 1878 and was formally annexed by the UK in 1914. The history of Cyprus banknotes, hence, begins with the advent of the British. The Cypriot pound was introduced in 1879 and was equal in value to the pound sterling. It had remained at that value until 1972, some twelve years after Cyprus gained independence from the United Kingdom. However, in the year 1914; when the island was formally annexed into the United Kingdom, a set of 3 emergency notes were issued with the denominations of 5 shillings, and 1 and 5 pounds. The above banknote is the 5 shilling banknote issued on 30th October 1914. The banknote depicts the denomination in words in the center with the value in numeral above and flanked by the effigy of King George 5 and the coat of arms on left and right respectively. The date is on the left bottom, whereas the signature of authority on the bottom right. Image Courtesy:

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