Conserve your treasure!

01 Apr 2020  Wed

Coin collecting is one of the opulent hobbies. The most common categories of collectors are usually divided into hobbyists, investors, and researchers. Coin collection is further divided into a different genre such as country-wise, yearly, mint, different composition, subject wise, period wise, volume collection, aesthetic wise, etc. Hence, if you are one of such kind then preserving it in one of the best accessories is your prime task.

The square coins capsule are made up of high-quality, crystal-clear and scratch-resistant plastic. These capsules have black EVA foam which is chemically inert and free of PVC, acids or softeners. The dimension of the given capsule is 50 x 50 x 6.25 mm. This product contains 10 pieces of capsules of 29 mm each.

Therefore we suggest you conserve it in ‘Lighthouse Square Coin Capsules- QUADRUM’. You can also order it online.

Disclaimer: We will deliver your order as soon as our system resume. Due to the lock-down deliveries may be restrained for a certain period. We appreciate your patience!

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