What One Should Never Do to Bullion Coins

31 Mar 2020  Tue

In this quarantine times, surely you must be having ample free time to organize and re-arrange your collection. But before you start make sure that you are protecting the coins integrity and value. Some collectors might not be aware what can damage bullion coins. Hence here are five things one should never do to bullion coins-

Do not clean bullion coins: As coins age, it’s natural for the metal to oxidize. While a collector’s first inclination might be to clean them, this step can cause more harm than good. Cleaning products damage coins by removing its natural toning. Toned coins tend to retain more value than stripped coins.

Do not touch them with bare hands: Our skin contains natural oils as well as dirt and grime which can easily get transferred to coins and damage them. One should wash their hands and then put on clean gloves in order to protect your collection. To best preserve coin’s details and value grab the coins from its edges only.

Never use storage that’s not designed for coins: It’s important to buy specific, acid-free versions of any paper, envelopes, or cardboard that you plan to use to store your coins. Another problematic material is any plastic containing PVC. When it breaks down, the chemical by-product leaves a slimy green film on the surface. To protect bullion coins one much choose PVC-free products.

Never expose Bullion coins to the outside environment: Precious metal will oxidize when exposed to extreme humidity or temperatures. Hence it’s best to store bullion coins in a dark, temperature-controlled environment such as a safe or coin cabinet.

Never remove Bullion coins from their holders: When one purchases bullion coins they come in holders that have been sealed to preserve their condition. Never open them. Keeping bullion coins in mint condition will help preserve their integrity and collection’s value in years to come.

Image Courtesy: United States Mint

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