Tretrdrachm of Syracusans

20 Mar 2020  Fri

This silver tetradrachm has stir fascination and excitement among the numismatics studying and collecting Greek coins when it came up in an auction. This silver coin was issued and circulated between the periods of 475 to 460 BC when the city of Katana was occupied by the Syracusans.

This coin weighs around 4 grams with the diameter of 16mm. The obverse of this coin depicts a young man of horseback within the dotted circle. The reverse of this coin depicts a different or new design of Zeus Antaios, the patron god of Mount Etna seating on the throne with holding thunderbolt and sceptre surmounted with an eagle.

The interesting fact about this coin is it predated by some 10 years from some of the famous Greek coin. This coin was in the private collection and said to be realised for the price of 40,000 Pounds.

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