One Austral of Argentina

18 Mar 2020  Wed

One Austral banknote was issued by the Central Bank of Argentina in 1991. It is green and blue with multicoloured underprint.

The obverse of this note issues the entire content of the note is in Spanish text. The legend 'Provincia De Tucuman' means the province of Tucuman' (a province in Argentina) at top of the centre and promise text 'Bonos De Cencelacion DeDeudas' which means a debt cancellation bonds below it. Series order at left and Article of law at upper centre below promise text. Text at the centre is 'to the carrier: Date of expiry: Date, month and year' with signatories of Minister of Economy and Governor below. The 'Garden of the Republic' is seen at the centre of the bottom. Serial number at the upper right and lower left as well numerical denomination with the sign of denomination at right. The denomination is printed in Spanish at the bottom right and left corners.

The reverse of this text depicts text in Spanish. This banknote was a Specialized Issues from the Provincial Bonos. The printer of this banknote was Casa de Moneda de la Nación (Argentina).

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