Gaius Caesar

21 Feb 2020  Fri

Gaius Caesar was a Roman consul and the grandson of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire. Caesar was the eldest son of Augustus’ closest associate, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and Julia, the emperor’s daughter. Gaius and his younger brother, Lucius Caesar, were raised by their grandfather as his adopted sons and joint-heirs to the empire.

He was granted powers for a mission to Armenia, which had been invaded by the Parthians. Shortly afterward, he was appointed to the office of consul. The year after Gaius' consulship, Lucius died at Massilia in the month of August. Approximately eighteen months later, Gaius died of an illness in Lycia.

The above shown Denarius of Lugdunum (Lyon) mint depicts the Head of Augustus, laureate, right on its obverse face. On the reverse of a coin are Gaius and Lucius Caesar standing with shield and spears between them. Simple left, and lituus, right, flanking, right and left are seen respectively.

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