Bengal Sultan Daud Shah Kararani

17 Feb 2020  Mon

Daud Shah Kararani was the sultanate of Bengal Sultanate; he was the youngest son of Sulaiman Khan Kararani. During his reign, he discontented to rule under the domain of Mughal Emperor Akbar and hence, he decided to fight against the army of Delhi and remain the conqueror of Bengal.

Daud Shah invaded against Mughal Emperor Akbar in Jamania near Ghazipur. The army of Daud Shah destroyed the city of Jamnia and controlled its fort. Later, Akbar ordered his governor of Jaunpur Munim Khan to proceed against Daud Shah. Munim Khan met the prime minister of Daud Shah who was also his friend Ludi Khan in Patna. Ludi Khan opted for a truce to Munim Khan. But this agreement did come to any conclusion and Ludi Khan was later put to death by Daud.

Daud Shah Kararani ruled the Bengal Sultanate from 1572 to 1576 AD. During the reign, he issued silver coins in the denomination of Rupee and Half Rupee. All these coins were struck at Patna, Satgaon, and Tanda mint.

This silver tanka which weighs around 11.31g was issued by Daud Shah Kararani during his reign in Bengal Sultanate. Daud Shah Kararani issued his silver tanka from the mint Satgaon. This obverse of this silver tanka depicts Da'ud Shah Sulaiman Shah Kararani Khallada Allah Mulkahu Wa Sultanahu The reverse of this coin depicts Shahada And The Names Of The Four Caliphs In The Margin.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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