Elizabeth Truman 10 Dollars Commemorative Coin

15 Feb 2020  Sat

Elizabeth Virginia ‘Bess’ Truman was the first lady of the United States of America and the wife of Harry S. Truman the 33rd President of the United States of America from 1945 to 1953, succeeding upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt after serving as vice president.

Elizabeth Truman was born on 13th February 1885 in Independence, Missouri; both Elizabeth and Harry S. Truman were classmates in high school from fifth grade. The couple got married in the year 1919. When Harry S. Truman was chosen as Senate special committee, his wife Elizabeth joined his office staff as a clerk to answer his mail and edit committee reports.

Elizabeth Truman as the first lady of the United States of America re-instituted the formal White House social season and was considered one of its hardest-working hostesses. From the year 1948 -1952 when White House was under renovation, Truman lived in Blair House and had also hosted numerous gardens for servicemen there.

The United States of America had issued this commemorative 10 Dollar with the theme of Elizabeth Truman in the year 2015.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov

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