One Hryvnia of Ukraine

14 Feb 2020  Fri

Issued by Ukranian National Bank in 2014, this note belongs to the notes series of 2003-2007. The note consists of yellow and blue on multicolour underprint.

The obverse of this banknote depicts the portrait of Volodymyr or Vladimir the Great (c. 958 - 1015) the Grand Prince of Kyiv (Kiev) to right with the orthodox saints and acolyte during a church ceremony in the centre. “Tryzub” the National Coat of Arms of Ukraine is seen on top. A stylised Grivna (a currency from Kievan Rus/ East Slavic countries) runs as the registration device with yellow and blue on multicoloured underprint. Signature: Sergiy G. Arbuzov.

The reverse of this note illustrates Volodymyr’s Burg in Kyiv with the Church of the Tithes, which was built by the order of Volodymyr the Great, is to the centre-left. An artistic design depicting a battle axe, a sword, a cross, a flail and an eagle is seen as symbols from the times of Volodymyr the Great to centre-right. The emblem of the National Bank of Ukraine decorates the top left corner. Watermark: Portrait of Volodymyr the Great. Dominant colours: Blue, yellow and brown.

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